the crossroad between bull sperm, France, and your mouth?

“In France, Red-Bull is different from Red-Bulls everywhere else since the taurine, extracted from bull sperm, is outlawed there! “ A comment usually heard uttered from those seen enjoying their 12th vodka Red-Bull. Sorry to shatter fantasies, but there’s a much more sensible explanation for the origins of taurine – the causative agent of that [...]

What are the signs of sun protection?

Someone  asked me on twitter which corresponded to the protection factors found in sunscreens, here is the answer. The sunscreen factores ensures a level of protection against UVB rays (those who tan). The protection offered by an index will be identical whatever the product, its form or its country of marketing. Can be found next [...]

Subliminal messages in watch ads

Here’s a selection of images extracted from watch and clock advertisements. Doubtless, you’ll easily find the common theme throughout the pictures, but the more pressing matter is, why does this common theme exist at all? The common factor being, of course, that all of these watches display a time of about 10:09. So why 10:09? [...]

How much can a single Bic pen write?

A Bic pen is capable of scribbling 2 to 3 kilometers worth of doodles before giving out. Another neat detail: the little hole in the body of said Bic pen assures the same pressure both within and outside, helping avoid leaks and mistakes and similar catastrophes. Source : BicWorld While we’re talking about pens, have [...]

French people reek.

The rumor/caveat: French people allot the most minimal of efforts to personal hygiene and thus smell icky. This international legend dates back to the 16th century, an epoch during which Parisians disposed of their household wastes by nonchalantly hurling it out of their windows, not really bothering to forewarn the unsuspecting pedestrians strolling below. Furthermore, [...]